Content Marketing 101: Platforms vs. Channels

To maximize reach, make sure that you're using the right platforms and channels for your brand strategy.

To utilize your digital brand network efficiently, it’s important to understand the difference between all of your mediums, or in other words, the difference between platforms and channels.

Platforms are the foundation on which you can build your brand presence, such as the web, phone apps, social media, and gadgets.

Channels serve as a more direct means of communication and include email, advertising, search engines, chatbots, phone, and more.

A big part of organizing your content delivery system is finding a good balance between the platforms and channels that you use. It is important to be present on the right platforms for your brand.

Make sure you know where your audience hangs out online, so you don’t miss out on potential opportunities to connect with them.

Similarly, make sure you’re not wasting your time on platforms that don’t work for your brand and have low returns.

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