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About Me

My name is Chris 👨🏻‍🚀 I got my first idea about a brand a few years ago when I was studying marketing at university.

Since then, I’ve been on a creative journey to explore, learn, and understand the process behind building a brand that will inspire others.

That is why I created the Digital Brand Blueprint.

How to Build a Digital Brand

I created a simple guide to help you build and launch your brand. If you want to get things moving, you can get it for free in your inbox right away.

Digital Branding

A brand is the combination of many elements and factors that contribute to the way a business is recognized by the public. That includes brand purpose, visual style, value proposition, and more.

Digital branding is the process of creating a connection with potential consumers online. 

Building a Brand With Purpose

There are many, many digital brands out here, so naturally, we’ve started to pick and choose what we follow, use, and support. That is why it is important for your followers to connect with your purpose.  

The purpose of your brand ties together the value you provide with a stronger meaning behind it. It will help drive your brand behind the scenes, but it will also let people know what you stand for.

Brand Vision

💬 What do you want to accomplish with your brand?

The vision part defines your aim for the future. It is everything that you’re working towards and all the goals you’re trying to achieve.

It will remind you everyone that is a part of your brand in some way of what you’re working for. It will keep motivating you to achieve what you set out to do when you started your business.

Brand Mission

💬 How does success look for you? One year from now? Five years from now?

The mission part outlines your purpose, and who you are. Think of it as a description of what you do, and what your brand stands for. 

Brand Story

Your audience needs to know and understand who you are, to connect with you. An interesting story always hides behind the brand, and if you have one you should tell it to the world.

💬 What to consider when crafting your story:

  • Where and how did your journey begin
  • What stories and experiences can you share
  • What lessons have you learned along the way

Share the good and share the bad. We’re all human, and people need to see that to connect with you.