Personal Branding Worksheet


Printable pages created to help you outline your brand. Fill out the pages with your personal story. 

This worksheet will help you stay motivated on your journey.



A common question that people ask is who needs personal branding? Why is personal branding important in today’s culture?

There are multiple reasons why one would need personal branding and it starts from building a portfolio for job searching (A Digital CV), having a digital presence so clients can find you (Freelancing) or even as far as creating a personal brand in order to make money and a livelihood (Influencers, Creators, Bloggers and so on).

In today’s economy of connection, personal branding has come to play a role, more important than ever before. Where it might have been for celebrities only in the past, we’re now living in a  moment where a lot of people have something to gain from producing work that, in a way, only they can.